Laurent Terreyre, known as “Saint-Cast”

Sculptor and Founder

Born in Paris in 1955.
After several years in the world of ceramics, initiated in 1980 in bronze foundering with the lost wax technique.

"The path that led me to sculpture can be traced on the maps of our planet earth. It was a sinuous route that led me from the Middle East, where I discovered ceramics, to La Borne, here in France, a village of potters, which I made my home. The clay, and even more the fire revealed themselves as fascinating elements. Later my steps took me to a magnificent continent: Africa. The road towards the liquid fire led me to a master founder in Burkina Faso who has taught me his knowledge. The fauna in these countries of fiery sun didn’t cease to dazzle me, and so I combined two pleasures, that of the fire and the beauty of the animals.
The friendships I have made with many excellent animal sculptors have enriched my development, and stretched my possibilities. The path is ongoing, and the creation accompanies it."

Exhibits since 1989 in the gallery “Chalcotheque” in Saint-Emilion (Gironde).